RICHIE CROSS ​- lead vocals


                           How long have you been playing?
Born And Raised In New York Richie Cross Had Been Singing And Entertaining Since The Early Age Of Twelve. After Relocating To Florida In 1988 He Continued Singing And Fronting A Number Of Bands Throughout The Years Performing Cover As Well As Original Material, Continually Honing His Craft Vocally And On Stage.
        One Of Florida’s Favorites NOT FRAGILE Which For Eight Years Richie Displayed His Talents By Continuing To Perform Cover Songs From Such Artists As AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Poison and Judas Priest, To Name Just A Few, All The While Also Writing And Performing His Original Material.
NOT FRAGILE Was Chosen To Be The Opening Guest For Many National Artists Some Of Which Include Lou Gramm, Blue Oyster Cult, Steven Tyler And Vince Neil,Richie Sambora,Mark Chestnut,Charlie Daniels and many others.
Opening For Vince Neil Led To Richie And His Band Performing At Vince Neil’s VIP Party At His Brand New Club Dr. Feelgoods.
     The Future Brought About Richie Looking For Musicians Who Shared The Same Interest, Vision, And Willingness To Sacrifice Whatever It Takes To Make It Writing And Performing Original Music.
      To Keep Himself ‘In Shape’ Vocally And Onstage, Richie Co-founded The Cover Band Soulicide In 2010. Quickly Becoming Another One Of South Florida’s Most Popular Hard Rock Bands Performing Two To Four Times A Week For Two Years Straight, It Is Once Again Time To Create Bigger And Better Things.Now a part of a all star cover band called DOWN  DURTY BOYZ.
     Richie Has That True Raspy Rock And Roll Voice Displaying A Three And A Half Octave Range That Can Hit Those High Notes, Plus A Natural And Commanding Stage Presence, Which Can Only Be Obtained From Years Of Live Performances, Hard Work, And Professionalism.Whether Performing In Front Of Eight Or 80,000 People, Richie Always Gives One Hundred And Ten Percent… And Then Some.
   What was the first concert you ever went to?
His first concert was the Michael Jackson Victory Tour. His most memorable moment of the concert was the control of the crowd Micheal had as well as the stage presence the whole band had.
    What gear do you use?
Richie Cross would prefer to use Line 6 and EV  wireless mics. they are both great.
   Who was your biggest musical influence growing up?
There are too many to list. He has learned from many in a lot of ways.
What's the biggest audience you ever performed to?  What's the smallest?  Where was it?

     From TV appearances to 80,000 people to just the bartender. Richie told me it would be the bartender. He never forgets that where ever he plays because it keeps him humble to always remember where it all started. When ya forget where it all started then you forget what a honor it is to be able to enjoy what it is you are doing. 'But even then he recalls he was playing to a sold out crowd at Wembley stadium in the back of his mind an soul.